Can any insured driver drive someone else’s insured leased car?

Can any insured driver drive someone else

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say.

A leased vehicle is possessed by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it.

The terms of the contract will designate who may or may not drive the vehicle and nothing else applies.

Can you insure someone else’s car?

One may generally insure the property of another if you have aninsurable interest in it. This means that you have a financialinterest in the property that may be harmed if the property isdamaged or ruined. .

Is it possible to buy just liability insurance for a week-period to be able to drive someone else’s car if that car is insured?

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NO. If the possessor of the vehicle has insurance and you have their permission to drive the vehicle then their insurance would cover you. Otherwise the holder of the vehicle could add you to their policy.

If you do not have insurance but the car is insured are you okay to drive it if you are not the primary driver?

Insurance goes after the car, not the driver. As long as the car is insured and you have permission from the possessor to drive it, you are covered.

If you have a permit and you drive someone else’s car and crash it does their insurance cover you in Massachusetts?

As long as you were driving the vehicle with the possessor’s permission, and the proprietor’s policy doesn’t have any conditions or exclusions regarding an actual licensed driver (which is infrequent), then “yes,” the holder’s policy should cover you. Generally speaking, the insurance goes after the car. Since the possessor paid an insurance company money to have the coverage, his insurance would be primary for a loss.

If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else’s car will it affect her insurance and will her insurance company be notified?

– If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else’s car will it affect her insurance. – No affect her insurance. You pay the fine or you go to court for that. – will her insurance company be notified? – No. If you drive her car with the expired lisence plate you pay the fine.

If someone is pulled over while using someone else’s car and that car has no insurance but the driver has insurance will that be okay with the DMV?

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Depends on the state and also the insurance company. Most companies will cover any vehicle that you operate to an extent, however, in the majority of states, you can’t register a vehicle (put license plates on it) without having liability insurance on that vehicle. Check your state laws.

Can you insure someone else’s financed car?

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No. Insurance cannot be obtained on property which the policy holder has no vested interest or capability to control.

In Wisconsin if you were driving someone else’s insured car and you hit a pedestrian why are you not responsible?

i cannot reaction specifically to WI, but have treated many many claims (mostly) where the pedestrian or bike rider is at fault……just by virture of being a pedestrian doesn’t obsolve them of negligence/liability………. it all depends on where the ped. was facts surrounding the loss….for example you are driving down and road, and from no where some one darts into your path, or even runs into the side of your vehicle……….how could you have prevented this? see? …………more information surrounding the accident and i could be of more assistance…of course we always yield to ped. but that doesn’t mean that they are always faultless…..

Will AARP auto insurance cover you if you are driving someone else’s car that gave you permission?

Response .
First of all AARP is not an insurance company. The Hartford insurance company is promoted by AARP. Usually the very first line of coverage is with the policy that insures the vehicle involved in the accident. If that coverage is not sufficient to cover then the policy insuring the driver of the borrowed car may be able to add extra coverage.

If you are an insured driver and you drive someone elses car that is not insured are you legally insured while driving that car?

Let’s refine the question a bit: if you are an “insured driver”, by that term I mean someone who is named in an auto insurance policy as insured. Under that condition, you are insured even if the vehicle you are driving is not covered by a policy. An exception (we lawyers love exceptions) is if the vehicle is “regularly available for your use.” Let’s say I have two cars for my spouse and I, but also my old bachlor car that I just want to keep around as something to use if we have a breakdown in one of the other cars. I cannot fail to list that car with my insurer, and then drive it (even if only once a year–since it was “regularly available” for my use) and expect my policy to cover me. Ain’t gonna happen. Same thing for any car that you can drive and in fact do use occassionally. On the other palm, if I went over to my friend’s house in Eastern Washington and he asked me to go fetch (that is farming country, son) something from the store, using his uninsured car, I would be covered by my insurance policy for liability, individual injury protection, underinsured motorist coverage, etc. .
In the UK – it would depend on what type of motor insurance you have. If the policy is comprehensive car insurance – typically you will find that you are insured to drive another car so long as that car has a valid MOT. This is the general rule – but you should check the puny print on your motor policy to see what it includes and call your motor insurer to check if you are covered. See the link entitled “accident car insurance” for a description of the different types of car insurance in the UK.

Can you insure yourself to drive someone else’s car?

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Yes, but that shouldn’t be needed. You can periodically drive a friends car and be covered under their policy without being listed as a driver. If you are a regular driver of your friends car then see about being added as a driver to your friends auto policy..
I have a question about that response. Does the driver need to have his own insurance policy? if he drives his friends vehicle maybe once or twice a month?.
In the UK: .

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Yes, you can. .
Also: .
Using the car owners policy to drive the car is often permitted, as is the option to use your own insurance on another car as insurance often includes “borrowing a car with the owners permission” and “lending it to someone” . Howeverthe insurance is often only “3rd party.” so if you crash the car, the car it’s self is not covered, and you must either fix the car at your cost, or lose a friend. YOur best bet is to either speak to your insurance company, or get the car possessor to speak to their company, and sort it out decently.

Can you insure a car that is financed under someone else’s name?

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Probably, some companies only require that you have care custody and control of the vehicle in order to be the named insured. Other companies require that you be the registered possessor. The problem that arises is that the finance company usually wants to have the evidence of insurance be in the name of the person responsible for the loan. If you are the named insured but not the name on the loan then the loan company may require that the person on the loan also be on the insurance policy as a named insured. The best way to do this is to have the person that wields the car get the insurance and list you the driver as the principle operator.

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

If you have your driver’s permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else’s car in Pennsylvania?

No,but they must have insurance.You can not obtain insurance until you have a drivers license.The person who will be in the car with you who has a drivers license would be responsible for your deeds while driving.

How can you get insured to drive any car?

You need to check with your current insurance carrier. In my case I am insured thru Farmers, and with them as long as you carry utter coverage on the equipment you own and drive that same coverage will be with you in any equipment you drive except commercial equipments.

Is it illegal to drive someone else’s car if you are not insured under their policy?

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The laws could vary by state. Usually, if you are in an accident or stopped by law enforcement, they are looking to see if the car has insurance. You can be cited and have to go to court. But all likelyhood, the states attorney may just go after the driver.

If someone rear completes you while a designated driver was driving your car is his or your insurance affected?

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If the designated driver was sober and not cracking any laws and did not get any traffic citations, your insurance should not be affected. If the investigating officer gave the OTHER driver 100% responsibility for the event, you’re ok. BTW, thanks for using a designated driver.

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If you are at fault but there was no police report and the other driver was driving someone else’s car and they have no insurance and a suspended license will your insurer or you still have to pay?

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Most insurers are truly going to want a police report before they pay. I suspect that the holder of the car is going to find some way of getting their car immobile. If they have the details about you, they are either going to treatment your insurance company or you for compensation. They can file a police report, but usually the police want both parties to be present.

If you have an accident while driving someone else’s car does it effect your own insurance?

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it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.

Can you insure a car that the loan is in someone else’s name?

Insuring a Vehicle in someone else’s name. Yes you can. So long as you also list the holder as an insured. See the related questions below. Other AnswersNo, the insurance needs to be in the same name as the person on the loan.

What happens no drivers license but car is insured in someone else’s name and you are involved in car accident?

UK response***.
Depends if the car is registered to your or the other person. If its your car then you will be done for driving with no insurance or driving whilst banned or driving with no license or a combination of the three..
However if its not your car and you borrowed it you will again be charged with driving with no license and insurance, (If no license then you dont have insurance, the driver must be insured not the car) but whoever you got the car from could also be charged with knowingly permitting a vehicle to be driven illegally (illegally because you – the driver had no insurance and license), if you dont want to get the other person in trouble – or they may say you took it if they dont want the trouble – then you will very likely be charged with TWOC (taking without consent) as well as no driving with no license and insurance..
The other persons insurance may pay out if you are found to have taken the car without consent as most cars are insured for theft. However the proprietor will have to prove this and if there is reason for doubt they wont pay out – unless the police say you did it, but then you will be charged. If its your car and you just dont have insurance yet but (for example) your mate has insured it for him to use while you cant drive it then im afraid it looks like you may have a powerful bill for the other cars you bruised and also court costs and legal fees if you get arrested…not to mention the strenuous fine you’ll get!

Do you need insurance to drive someone else’s car?

The car is insured not the driver however many policies have confinements as to who may drive the insured vehicle.

Who is liable if you have insurance but you are driving someone else’s car who is insured and there is an accident?

Who’s Liable in an accident? Both the driver and the vehicle holder can be held jointly orseparately liable for the entire cost of a claim. Primary Legal andFinancial Liability for an automobile accident is always with thedriver of the vehicle at fault, “Coverage from the Owners Policynot withstanding” The Law requires that All Operators of a MotorVehicle on public roads carry proof of financial responsibility atall times irrespective of ownership. Auto Insurance does not automatically go after a car. Cars don’tdrive themselves. It goes after the defined insureds legal liability. Depending on the Auto Insurance Policy Form selected, coverage mayor may not extend to other permitted drivers. A standard Form AutoInsurance Policy will typically extend coverage for permitteddrivers while A Named Driver Policy will not. When it comes to Liability, Auto Insurance provides coverage forthe named Insured(s) financial liabilities that may arise out ofvehicle ownership and operation. The vehicle possessor can be held identically liable for financial lossesincurred while the vehicle is on loan depending on the legalconstruct of that loan. For Financial Responsibility purposes both the Operator and theOwner can be held jointly and severally Liable. In Most states of the US, Any coverage afforded under a policy onthe at fault vehicle being driven in an accident will invoke asprimary or very first party coverage by contract regulation. Anytrailing coverage that the operator of the vehicle may have wouldinvoke as secondary coverage. If no coverage exists on the vehiclebeing driven then any trailing operators policy would step up asprimary. So the gist of the matter is this. The Driver is at fault andliable, But the Owners policy as very first party coverage may belegally required to cover the accident for you if coverage isafforded. ResponseThe accident will likely still demonstrate up on your driving record,Depending on what type of insurance the possessor of the car bought itmay or may not cover you as driver. You’re liable if it was yourfault for the claim and the vehicle possessor can be held liable aswell because they permitted you to drive the car. Think of it thisway. They gave permission for you to drive and you caused theaccident. So they assume that liability when they let you drivetheir car. Your own auto insurance policy would be a secondary coverage ifyour friend’s policy has low boundaries or has a lapse or isinsufficient to cover the loss. Your policy is secondary.

What happens if you are driving someone else’s car and you have an accident and do not have proof of insurance?

If should be sufficient to tell the Police that you have a policy which permits you to drive other cars and give them the name of the company, they can then advise you to produce your documents within a certain lenght of time or they can ring the insurance company and confirm the details on the spot. . If the police havent been called then just get the other persons details and give them yours and tell them youll ring them later on with the details of your policy!.
If you dont have insurance to drive the other persons car then any accident caused by you will effect their insurance and may mean that they cant claim for the harm to their own car as they let an uninsured driver drive it! If they say they didnt give you permission to drive then you will have to be prosecuted for theft before they can claim for their harm!! Hope this helps!

How do I get out of a no insurance ticket while driving someone else’s vechicle?

You can’t. You were caught operating a motor vehicle which had no insurance. It is the drivers foot responsibility to determine that any car he/she drives is decently insured before getting behind the wheel and driving away – no matter who wields the vehicle. You could counter sue the vehicle’s possessor in puny claims court, however.

If you have insurance and are driving somebody else’s car if you have a wreck who’s insurance company do you call?

You would call the insurance company of the person’s car that you are driving. The insurance goes after the car and not the insured.

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

In ma if you drive someone else’s car and get a ticket who will have their insurance affected the driver or the proprietor of the vehicle?

Always recall insurance goes after the vehicle and points go after the driver. So if they get points from the ticket it will go after the driver.

Can the holder of a car have it insured in someone else’s name?

Yes you can, provided they have a license. However, if you intend to drive it also make you sure you are on the policy as well.

Can you drive someone else’s car and the car is not insured?

If your state requires that a vehicle be insured before operating it, the responsibility of knowing whether it is insured or not falls upon the actual operator of the vehicle, regardless of who possesses it.

Am I insured if I have an accident while driving some else’s car?

If you have insurance yourself you are insured to drive someones car. If you have an accident your insurance will cover it.

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If you have utter driving license but no car insurance can you drive someone else’s car? you have utter driving licence but no car insurance can you drive someone else%27s car ”

Can i drive someone else’s car on my insurance but that car does not have insurance?

Check your insurance document. In the UK, most insurance contracts permit you to drive another car with the possessor’s permission, but the insurance is only for Third Party, i.e. you are covered for harm to anything or anyone you hit, but you are not covered for harm to the car itself. Check, check,check! Also check that the car has road tax paid and any MOT or roadworthiness documents neccessary, otherwise it will not be insured and you will truly be in deep trouble. In the US, your coverage offers you the needed liability protection in most instances and depends on the language in the policy. However this offers nothing for comprehensive (fire & theft) and collision.

If you are driving someone else’s car does your liability insurance pay repairs to the vehicle you are driving?

No, liability insurance is when there are injuries involved. If you are injured in an accident when someone else is driving your car, your liability insurance would cover your medical costs. Comprehensive and collision insurance on the car you were driving should pay for damages to the vehicle.

Will someone driving your car be insured?

it depends if you have insurance that covers all drivers in the family or all and any drivers.

If a car has insurance where it covers any one who drives it dose the driver have to be insured?

Assuming your car is insured any driver is normally considered an insured also. However, if this driver is a spouse, child or someone who regularly drives the car and the “driver” has a bad record and you don’t want to pay the premiums, your insurer could deny the claim. Also the proprietor of the car is ultimately responsible lending your car out ruins friendships.

What happens no drivers license but car is insured in someone else’s name and you get pulled over?

What happens is at the discretion of the officer that stops you and the guidelines for that particular state. The officer may merely ticket and release you for no drivers license since the car is at least insured. But he has the authority to arrest you and impound the car. He also has the authority to ticket the proprietor of the vehicle if they knowingly permitted an unlicensed driver to operate their vehicle.

If you have insurance can you drive any car?

Depends on your insurance contract, look at the petite print. Some contracts permit you to drive other cars with the owners permission, but, in the UK, give ‘Third Party Only Insurance’, meaning that if you have an accident, the insurance covers the car you have bashed, but not the car you are driving. So check your policy cautiously.

Does licensed driver living in home have to be insured even tho’ they do not drive any of the cars?

Under the terms of your Insurance Contract, All licensed drivers in your household and all drivers that have access to your vehicle are required to be announced either as a covered driver or not. If not, then you can request they be excluded from coverage on your policy by way of form 515A. Failure to disclose a licensed driver in your home is a disturbance of the terms of your Insurance Contract and can result in voidance of all coverage. Naked in mind that once excluded the driver will have no coverage under your policy for any accident if they do for some reason drive the vehicle.

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

Can someone else buy insurance for a lease car?

Yes but you would need to have the lessor and the lessee as extra insureds on the policy.

If you have a drivers permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else’s car in Missouri?

No, if it’s on a makeshift basis, you have the permission of the proprietor, and the holder has liability insurance on the vehicle.

Can I be required to have insurance to drive somebody else’s car?

You should never drive uninsured however if the car has coverage it may or may not exclude other drivers besides the holder. Look into that before you borrow it.

What happens if you drive someone else’s car which has no insurance and you have no insurance and you get in an accident?

This is not good. The law specifically says, that, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle you are about to drive is decently insured. Sorry to say, but there is no way out of it.

When a driver has no driver’s license or insurance but driving a car that is insured and someone hits them who is responsible?

It’s going to be very difficult to claim that it’s not the fault of the person who wasviolating the law by driving illegally .

Is it illegal to insure someone else’s car in your name?

Yes. You cannot insure anything that you do not own. If you do it is material misrepresentation, voids the contract, and could lead to criminal charges of insurance fraud. The fattest problem is that no payment can be made on the claim because you do not own the vehicle and the true holder cannot be paid because they do not have a contract with the insurance company. You will have to pay the entire claim out of your pocket including for any injuries and property harm to the third party who you hit (if it is your fault). ReactionIf you are to drive someone elses vehicle and you are not named on their policy or not covered to drive the vehiicle on your own vehicle policy, then you must purchase insurance to drive that vehicle.

Will my car insurance be affected if I am a named driver on someone else’s insurance and they need to claim their insurance?

No. As long as you were not involved in the accident then it shouldn’t affect your driving record. You must also not be the possessor of the vehicle that was involved in the claim.

Can you insure someone else’s car that doesn’t have insurance on it?

Again, you cannot legally insure a vehicle that does not belong to you. The insurance policy and application make up a legally roping contract and state that you must own the vehicle in order to participate in the contract of insurance on the vehicle.

Are you insured to drive your sons lease car?

That depends on his insurer and the policy he holds. He would need to contact his insurance company for a definitive response to this question.

Is it illegal to insure someone else’s car in their name and drive car in your name?

You indeed cannot have a policy issued without the insured person knowing it as they will have to sign the policy as it is a legal contract. If you sign their name you have committed a felony of forgery and this is illegal.

If I’m driving someone else’s car can I get a ticket for having no insurance?

This law can switch from state to state. It is best to check withyour state’s laws to see if you would be ticketed for drivingsomeone else’s car that has no insurance.

What happens if you drive someone else’s car with no insurance and get in an accident?

You are the one legally in the care, custody, and control of the vehicle and therefore are the one who will be cited for driving without insurance. This is just the beginning of your trouble tho’. If you were at fault, you are also responsible for the damages done in the accident which may include injuries and damages to the vehicle you hit.

Can i drive someone else’s vehicle that has no insurance on it but mine does?

You would most likely be insured for liability, but the car would not be insured for collision. However, to be sure, you should call your agent or read your policy.

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